The primary goal of Manna Mission Inc. is to pursue an effective evangelistic program that incorporates the provision of compassionate medical care and strategic community development.

"Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people".  Matthew 4:23
Even in the developed world, the challenges posed by new diseases and the tremendous cost of caring for the sick, the aged, and the indigent, are reaching unprecedented heights. This health care problem is far more desperate in developing world countries like Ghana. But the needs of the people of Ghana are not entirely physical.  In this environment of debilitating poverty and poor health, many Ghanaians seek solutions from their ancestral gods or spirits, indigenous practices and occultism.

Mission Programs

In order to accomplish the mission’s objective the mission has been developing the following programs;

1. Evangelistic Programs

The mission’s evangelistic goal is threefold.

  1. To proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ faithfully and clearly to the people of our community; ( Evangelism)
  2. To nurture believers to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and to live Godly lives; (Discipleship)
  3. To train believers to minister to their world with compassion and effectiveness by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. (Mission)

The mission has been pursuing this threefold goal with concrete action through the programs of the Manna Mission Church, the National Schools of Ministry, Manna Bible Institute, the Resurrection Power Convention, and other affiliate ministries of the church.

2. Medical and Community Development Program

The medical program is an inherent component of Manna Mission’s plan for integrated ministry. The guiding principle of this outreach is that, by offering the gift of health or any help to a sick and needy neighbor, we may cause that person’s heart to open to the even greater gift of God’s eternal life.

  1. Medical Mission Clinic
    This is a short term clinic designed for medically under served indigent populations in both inner cities as well as remote communities. The areas of emphasis of these medical mission clinics are community health promotion, medical screening, health education, preventive and curative medicine.
  2. Specialized Medical Mission
    Over the years Manna Mission has conducted specialized mission programs in the following areas, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology and dentistry.  These programs give a specialist the opportunity to come to mission and offer for example much needed surgeries for patients and training for local professionals. Manna Mission has already in place the necessary facilities to make this possible. Medical and surgical specialists have spent from a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 2 years at Manna, serving under this program.
  3. Medical Student/Resident Rotation Training
    Manna Mission Hospital offers opportunities to final year medical students and residents who are interested in an exposure to international medicine and surgery. In the past, students from the US and UK medical schools have benefited from this program. This rotation can be arranged personally by the student, his/her institution or organizations like IN-MED.